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What’s in your Treasured Home?Finding and making your home more treasured is such a personal process. It looks different for every person and every home. Our styles differ as do our needs. They change by family, by style, by home, and sometimes by season. It doesn’t matter what your house looks like as long as it feels like a home to you. 

Chaos often surrounds every aspect of ours lives (even online). There is so much “stuff” everywhere. People who often try to change or sway who you are. Here at a Treasured Home we want you to be YOU. Unapologetically you. We want to help you treasure your life and who YOU are. 

Our product line offers a fun and customized solution for simplifying, organizing, and sweetening your life (even offering items for when you are on the go and away from home).

We want you to wake up everyday feeling as though our products have made a small difference or put a small on your face. We want you to have a treasured life and home.

Love,Scott, Venus and Taylor

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